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She Wraps A Chocolate Bar In This & Puts It In The Oven. Minutes Later, I’m Drooling.


There’s just something about chocolate. And there’s just something more about the magical things you can make with chocolate.

I love pairing such goodness with coffee. If I could, I would make it a part of my daily routine, but, well, I know better.

Nevertheless, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with partaking in a little deliciousness here and there, and I love picking up my favorite chocolate-based sweets at the local supermarket.

When I came across this though, I knew it would be the next sweet-tooth-satisfying dish I was going to make. Homemade and just lush, I absolutely also want to invite all my friends to try this.

You need:

1 roll of puff pastry
1 bar of chocolate (here you can get as creative as you like)
1 egg
Chopped hazelnuts



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