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Uh, Oh… Looks Like The Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ And His Family Could Face HUGE Legal Trouble…

How to be an instant celebrity – be one of liberals’ favored minority victim classes. Put the guts of an old digital clock in a case that looks like one Jack Bauer would be rushing to diffuse. Take it to a public school and freak everybody out with it. Wear a face like you’re a kicked puppy when you get in trouble for it. And BOOM – you have your own hashtag, free scholarship money from unwitting donors, and apersonal invite to the White House.

But now that engineering experts have literally taken Ahmed Mohamed’s “homemade” clock story topieces, and evidence of his father’s complicity with radical Muslim pressure group CAIR, and Ahmed’s own confession that he knew beforehand that his phony “clock” would be viewed as a bomb, it is becoming more clear by the day that this entire incident may well have been an elaborately-planned fraud.

And, as Judge Andrew Napolitano says here, he and his family could be in BIG TIME trouble for this…



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