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Sixth Man to Walk on Moon Says Aliens Prevented Nuclear War on Earth

Edgar Mitchell, was a member of the 1971 Apollo 14 mission, and has always been very outspoken about his experiences in space and his belief in aliens, but to the best of my knowledge, never to the degree he is talking now. Even though the Truth Embargo stands to this day, groups like The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, and individuals like former Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell are trying very hard to change that. Here is a link to an informative article by Larry Lowe about Edgar Mitchell, a great American and leading spokesperson for ending the ET truth embargo. 



Inside the article, Larry Lowe writes:

In both his remarks to a student assembly the day before the induction ceremony and during his acceptance speech, Dr. Mitchell made a brief and direct comment that he believes advanced intelligence exists in the vast universe. Further, he said, it is already interacting with humanity. Elements of the U.S. Government and industry are aware of this, he said. The keep what they know from the understanding of the population by controlling the message of the media and steadfastly refusing to discuss or admit the situation. Ridicule remains an effective weapon in their arsenal, although it grows increasingly strained.

The reason for the secrecy and denial of all this is traditionally ascribed to concern the public might panic,. But more likely an admission that an advanced intelligence is already here on earth would challenge the stature of the minority in power, media and military establishments. There may never be other reasons as well, given how little is actually known about he advanced intelligences and their motives.

Mitchell is as matter-of-fact about the existence of advanced intelligence operating earth’s


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