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Win $1 Million If You Can Prove PLO Accepted Israel

New York businessman William Langfan offers cash prize to anyone who shows PLO accepted Israel in its charter, as it promised to in Oslo.


By Gil Ronen

New York businessman William Langfan has offered an unprecedented $1 million prize to anyone who shows that the Palestinian National Council (PNC) has ever changed the PLO charter to accept Israel’s existence, as is widely believed.

The offer is particularly timely, less than 24 hours after Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced that he no longer sees himself as bound by the Oslo Accords.

Probably the most important obligation in the “Peace Process” was a promise to annul the onerous clauses of their 1964 Palestinian National Charter. “The importance of the charter to the Palestinians can not be exaggerated,” according to Langfan. “To the Palestinians, it is virtually their ‘Junior Koran.’ These clauses in the charter declared the establishment of Israel illegal and void and called for armed resistance until Palestine is liberated.”

In an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva‘s Baruch Gordon, Langfan explained that in 1993, when Israel and the PLO were about to sign the Oslo Accords, then-PLO chairman Yasser Arafat sent a letter to then-Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, in which he agreed to cancel the clauses in the charter that called for an armed struggle against Israel, and promised tosubmit the matter to the PNC for approval.

That letter was then used for years as supposed proof that the PLO had recognized Israel.

However, Langfan noted, that according to the charter itself, a two-thirds majority vote would be necessary to make changes in the charter.

Rabin did not wait for this to happen, and immediately sent a letter to Arafat recognizing him and the PLO as the legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people.

‘A complete lie’

Amazingly, Arafat did not even bother to ask the PNC to ratify the change until three years later in 1996, following the Oslo II agreement.



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