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Absolutely awesome: Netanyahu stares down UN for 45 seconds over silence on Iran threats

f looks could kill.

I guess if the whole point of this is to let Netanyahu’s steely, silent stare speak for itself, I’m not going to make this a whole lot better by saying a lot. So let’s go right to the video:

I was about to say it’s cowardice, as opposed to pure evil, that Netanyahu is staring down. But I’m not sure there’s that great a distinction to be made between the two, especially when it comes to the UN. It is supposed to be an international body that makes sure the world community is united against the worst monsters on the planet. But it’s become populated by people who completely lack the courage to actually do that, and find it much easier to turn a blind eye to the real threats posed by a rogue nation like Iran – while making Israel the whipping boy for having the nerve to want to exist.

This is the sort of clip that would be an instant classic if a left-winger did it to a bunch of Christians who didn’t want to cater gay weddings or something. As it is, you’re not going to hear about it unless you see it on a site like this, and share it on social media.

Which you should. There aren’t many people left in this world who are willing to not only call evil by name but also take action against it. It’s Netanyahyu’s loneliness in this category that has him this indignant, and rightly so.


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