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PHOTO: Soldiers Furious After Seeing Disgraceful Patch Obama’s Issuing Them for Fighting ISIS

President Barack Obama’s Pentagon began issuing campaign patches in April for the men and women in the military who were involved in fighting against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.


While all military campaigns generally have a unique patch in which the participating troops can take pride, the patch for the half-hearted Operation Inherent Resolve has sparked quite a bit of outrage.
The patch was described as “100% Haji style!” by former Army Captain Kevin Casas, on the website, adding “How about an American looking style symbol? wtf man?”

The campaign patch and accompanying medal feature a palm wreath in a crescent shape, three stars, and crossed scimitars on a green background, all of which bear similarities and associations with symbols of Islam, particularly the short, curved swords and crescent moon shape.

“You can keep that ISIS patch featuring swords that chop off our heads,” wrote former Army chief warrant officer David Clay.


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