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Folks, here’s what the media WON’T tell you about Russia bombing Syria

Remember back three years ago, almost to the day, during the final 2012 presidential debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida when moderator Bob Schieffer asked the question about the greatest geopolitical threat. Gov. Mitt Romney replied it was Russia and carefully explained why. Barack Obama in true Saul Alinsky fashion ridiculed Romney by stating, “Governor, the 80s are calling they want their foreign policy back.” Romney was further assaulted and ridiculed by the liberal progressive media the following day.


Well, now that Vladimir Putin has taken over the Crimea, attacked a sovereign state (Ukraine), and is reestablishing its military presence in the Arctic — who should be ridiculed? Actually, who now looks completely incompetent and weak?

To think a Russian three-star general delivered a message to the U.S. Ambassador in Baghdad Iraq — yep, a senior Russian general is in Iraq — to cease flight operations in Syria. One hour later the Russians began bombing in Syria — but not ISIS positions. They bombed the city of Homs where Syrian rebels fighting against Bashar Assad are based. And here was the response from the Obama administration. White House spokesperson Josh “Not So” Earnest said the Russians were operating from a position of weakness.

Dude, when a general tells our ambassador to “bug off,” that’s not what I call a weak statement…and how did that Russian general get to Baghdad in he first place? U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter held a press conference and spent more time talking about the defense budget and women in combat units. Now what message does that send to Vladimir Putin when our own SecDef does everything to evade the issue?

As reported by Fox News, “Russian warplanes began bombarding Syrian opposition targets in the war-torn nation’s north Wednesday, following a terse meeting at which a Russian general asked Pentagon officials to clear out of Syrian air space and was rebuffed. A U.S. official said Russian airstrikes targeted fighters in the vicinity of Homs, located roughly 60 miles east of a Russian naval facility in Tartus, and were carried out by a “couple” of Russian bombers.

Russia Airstrikes ‘Kill Civilians’
Sky News

The strikes hit targets in Homs and Hama, but there is no presence of ISIS in those areas, a senior U.S. defense official said. These planes are hitting areas where Free Syrian Army and other anti-Assad groups are located, the official said. Activists and a rebel commander on the ground said the Russian airstrikes have mostly hit moderate rebel positions and civilians. In a video released by the U.S.-backed rebel group Tajamu Alezzah, jets are seen hitting a building claimed to be a location of the group in the town of Latamna in the central Hama province.



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