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She Was Just Putting Her Feet on the Dashboard — And It Was One of the Biggest Mistakes of Her Life

It was a road trip just like any other— her boyfriend was driving, she was reclining, the sun was beginning to set.


But in an instant, it was a road trip that changed now 26-year-old Bethany Benson’s life.

Prior to August 2, 2010, Benson was a flourishing college student. Fluent in French, she had almost completed degrees in History, French, and Education at Trent University. She had dreams of becoming a teacher.

But a tragic car accident, and her decision to put her feet on the dashboard, changed all of that.

Benson doesn’t remember the accident, but she was told that one wreck created a domino effect— after a motorcycle and a small vehicle collided, a tractor trailer tried to slammed on his brakes to avoid the crash. When Benson’s boyfriend failed to stop quick enough, he smashed into the back of the tractor trailer.


Image Credit: Facebook

Benson and her boyfriend miraculously survived. But because she had her feet on the dashboard, Benson suffered excruciating injuries that she otherwise would not.

According to Driving, an airbag deploys at 200 mph. Two hundred miles per hour.

Airbags are meant to provide protection in the event of a collision. But according to the NHTSA, because they deploy so rapidly, serious, or even fatal, injuries are likely if the “occupant is too close to — or is in direct contact with — the air bag when it first begins to deploy.”


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