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Russia Establishes Syria No Fly Zone; U.S. and European Officials Totally Freak Out

To get a true appreciation for how badly Putin has been about 187 steps ahead of Captain Diplomacy (aka Barack Obama), and how awful these last few days have been for Obama, it helps to start out watching Putin shred Obama at the U.N. by publicly blaming Obama for the creation and continued funding of ISIS. What makes this video SO damning, is Putin is not the first person to bust Obama for ISIS. Don’t forget that recently, one of Obama’s OWN APPOINTEE’S, General Flynn Admitted That Obama Knowingly Armed ISIS Committing Treason. Still, Putin lets Obama have it from the moment they arrived.


The Weekly Standard Writes:
Kentucky senator Rand Paul says the “hawks” in the Republican party helped create and grow the Islamic State terrorist group. Paul, who is running for president, appeared Wednesday morning on MSNBC, where host Joe Scarborough asked him about fellow senator Lindsey Graham’s own likely White House bid.

“Graham would say ISIS exists because of people like Rand Paul who said, ‘Let’s not go into Syria.’ What do you say to Lindsey?” said Scarborough.

“I would say it’s exactly the opposite. ISIS exists and grew stronger because of the hawks in our party who gave arms indiscriminately, and most of those arms were snatched up by ISIS,” said Paul. “These hawks also wanted to bomb Assad, which would have made ISIS’s job even easier. They created these people.”

Bernie Suarez at the Activist Post writes:
In the latest installment of the ISIS show the newest CNN report is pulling out a new story line. The latest script now admits that a major Blackwater operative is an ISIS “counter-terror commander” leader training ISIS and sharing his combat secrets with them. Yes, the new ISIS psyop script is actually being spun in a way that the script writers are now admitting (one story at a time) that ISIS fighters are part of U.S.’s Blackwater. This is a way to admit that the U.S. continues to train ISIS, while at the same time maintaining the psyop. As usual, they are pretending this happened out of sheer coincidence and bad luck.


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