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ANOTHER GENIUS STATEMENT: Obama says Russian campaign in Syria a sign of Putin’s weakness

This is as delusional as Obama’s insistence that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. Acting decisively in defense of an ally is not a sign of weakness, but of reliability — something Obama has never been with America’s allies.


“Obama says Russian campaign in Syria a sign of Putin’s weakness,” EFE, October 9, 2015 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

U.S. President Barack Obama suggested that Russian airstrikes in Syria are a sign of the growing weakness of Russian leader Vladimir Putin in an interview on CBS News, of which an excerpt was released Friday.

Obama questioned whether Putin is defying U.S. leadership in the Middle East with his air attacks on Syria, which he described as an attempt to support at all costs a tottering Bashar al-Assad regime after four years of civil war.

“When I came into office…Syria was Russia’s only ally in the region,” Obama said in the interview, the complete version of which will air this Sunday.


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