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Hebrew Is Being Taught Today In A Shanghai Primary School

As China-Israel business and cultural cooperation continues to increase, Chinese people are finding they have more knowledge of, and interest in, Israel, and most Chinese people think positively about Israel and Jewish people. Recently, the Shanghai Evergreen School, an outstanding primary school in Shanghai, became the first primary school in Shanghai to launchHebrew classes there. It is a part of their efforts to boost students’ interests in minority languages. and the teachers are from SISU (Shanghai International Studies University). These including Israeli teacher Miri Beck, who is a Professor of Hebrew at the university. Indeed SISU is one of the few Chinese universities which teach Hebrew.


Shanghai Evergreen school decided to offer Hebrew classes for their grade 4 students, and they will learn it for 4 years until grade 8. The class will be composed of group learning, games, animation watching and culture experiencing. The students are all very much interested in the Hebrew language, and are curious about Jewish culture and history as well. In China, it is fair to say, Israeli people are perceived, generally, as very smart people.

The China-Israel relationship has been getting closer and closer, and today Chinese companies are also undertaking more and more investment activities in Israel.


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