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IT’S NOT JUST ISRAEL: 2 Israelis Attacked in Manhattan With a Firebomb

Violence crosses the Atlantic: A firebomb was thrown at 2 Yeshiva students in Manhattan on Friday afternoon.


By Mendi Toledano, COLlive reporter

A Molotov cocktail was thrown at 2 Chabad Yeshiva students from Israel while visiting New York City on Friday afternoon, was told.

The bochurim were part of a group that took the Subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan to perform the weekly Mivtzoim rounds, helping Jewish business owners and clients to do a Mitzvah.

Yisroel and Yosef, both 19-year-olds who asked that their surname not be mentioned, were walking on W 37th Street near Ninth Avenue when one of them felt “an agitation.”

“A firebomb was thrown at them,” said a brother of one of the students. “It exploded and there was fire. They were shocked. An Israeli woman was walking by and ran over to check if they were okay.”

“Thank G-d, it missed them and landed on the pavement,” he added. “It was a male that throw it at them but they only got to see his back because he ran…..


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