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Watch: Knife In Hand, Gaza Imam Calls on Muslims to Stab Jews

Sheikh Muhammad Sallah “Abu Rajab” gave the incendiary sermon just this past Friday. In it, he both praised previous stabbers while offering advice for subsequent terrorists, and boasting that the attacks had resulted in a de-facto “curfew” for Israelis too afraid to leave their homes.


“The world must hear, via these cameras and via the Internet: This is Gaza! This is the place of trenches and guns! This is the West Bank! This is the place of bombs and daggers! This is Jerusalem… Jerusalem is the code word… The soldiers of the Prophet Muhammad are here. Brothers, this is why we recall today what Allah did to the Jews. We recall what He did to them in Khaybar,” he said, invoking the slaughter of the Jewish residents of Khaybar by the marauding armies of the founder of Islam, Mohammed.


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