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What happens when Palestinians burn a church…NOT ONE DAMN THING APPARENTLY

Photos and videos coming from Iraq and Syria that portray members of Islamic State destroying and burning churches provide inspiration and motivation for radical elements in the Middle East.


On September 26, Palestinian terrorists influenced by IS burned down the St. Charbel Monastery in Bethlehem, which is under the control of the Palestinians. Damage was caused to the church and its furniture.

Christian witnesses said that two days before the fire broke out, vandals broke in and stole items from the church. Apparently this was part of a mission to gather information.

Father Gabriel Naddaf, an Arab-Israeli priest of the Greek Orthodox Church, was the first to make the fire public and wrote on his Facebook page:

“We call upon [Palestinian Authority President] Mahmoud Abbas to condemn the attack and ensure the safety of the Christian Holy Places within their territory. It is exactly this type of attitude by the leadership of the Palestinian Authority (PA) that encourages vandalism and terrorism against Christian sites as Palestinians extremists know that they will not be brought to justice or punished for their acts.”

“In contrast to the state of Israel


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