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Interfaith group wants to permanently ban pork products all over the world to accomodate muslim sensitivities


How much more do we have to change to make these people happy? First, we’re not allowed to say Merry Christmas, then we’re not allowed to show any emblems of our faith, then we have to change our laws and customs to accommodate them, and now we can’t even eat the food we want? What’s next? Do we give up our homes for them? That’s going on in Europe right now!

CoExist House, an interfaith group based in the United States and in Britain, recently called for the complete ban of all pork products because they offend Muslims. Isn’t that an ironic name? Coexist? How do we coexist when one side wants to take all our rights away so we only have their rights? Why is it that one side seems to have complete trouble coexisting with any group in the world, yet are constantly welcome into all other countries.

This isn’t the first time Muslims have made these outrageous food-based demands. A woman in Vermont asked a restaurant to take down their sign just because it had the word “bacon” on it. A group of Somalian Muslims in Minnesota demanded a halal section at a food bank. It’s even worse in Europe! Young girls are told not to wear shorts or skirts because it might offend Muslims. Churches are told to set aside rooms specifically for Muslim prayer. Last I checked, Muslims don’t normally pray in


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