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Watch: Hamas Terrorists With Assault Rifles in the Capital of Jerusalem

Chilling video shows Hamas terrorists with M-16 and Kalashnikov in ceremony promising terror from northern Shuafat neighborhood.

By Dalit Halevi

As Arab terrorism grows in Jerusalem, even reaching the western gatesof the capital city, a chilling new video uploaded on Monday bears stark testimony to the presence of Hamas terrorists with semi-automatic assault rifles in the northeastern neighborhood of Shuafat.

The video shows three Hamas terrorists in full regalia replete with scarf masks and green Hamas headbands. As one reads from a script over a microphone, the other two stand menacingly, one bearing a Kalashnikov rifle and the other an M-16.

Most attacks until now have consisted of stabbings, making the presence of assault rifles in the capital all the more troubling. The terrorist seen speaking in Arabic in the video is reading an announcement from the Al-Qassam Brigades, the “armed wing” of the Hamas terrorist organization.

His reading came as part of a memorial ceremony for Ahmed Salah, a Shuafat resident who was


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