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Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Wi-Fi: a wireless network in which you can connect to many devices without the use of cables. Nowadays Wi-Fi is found everywhere. The mobiles phones benefit mostly from it, and the companies which make them have specific instructions for the services so they do not damage our health.


Wi-Fi: a silent killer that kills us slowly

Our wireless devices like phones and tablets use routers to connect online. The router emits WLAN signals – electromagnetic waves that can cause a lot of damage. We ignore this fact because we practically have no knowledge of it. Given time, these signals harm the body. A study conducted by the British Health Agency has proven that routers hinder the growth of people and plants.

Consequences of Wi-Fi exposure:

  • chronic fatigue
  • pain in the ears
  • lack of concentration
  • frequent strong headaches
  • sleep issues

We can’t live without technology – that’s a fact. But we


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