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Netanyahu Slams Media, Obama Administration: ‘Stop Justifying Murder’

The outrageous immorality of the world media and leaders across the West has been on full display for weeks as these leftists condemn Israel for “excessive force” and intransigence while Palestinians stab Jews in the streets of Jerusalem.


On Thursday, it was all too much for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who unleashed his ire on members of the media as well as the US State Department for their moral equivalence between terrorists and innocents. Netanyahu held a press conference in which he blamed “the current terror campaign in Israel” on “continuous Palestinian incitement,” specifically citing what he called the “new big lie”: that Israel is wantonly killing innocent Palestinians. As reported, Palestinian Authority terrorist and dictator Mahmoud Abbas said that Israel had murdered a Palestinian child. That was wrong on two major counts: the “child” had just stabbed a 13-year-old boy riding a bicycle; and the “child” wasn’t dead. In fact, the terrorist was recovering in an Israeli hospital.

“Stop justifying murder, and stop calling for murder.”


Netanyahu explained:

We expect all our friends and anyone concerned with the facts and the truth to look at these facts, to see the truth and not to draw a false symmetry between Israeli citizens and those who would stab them and knife them to death.

Netanyahu then explained that he would be happy for any Western diplomatic interventions “because it might stop the wave of incitement and false allegations against Israel.” He also blasted the media for their deep desire to draw equivalence between Jewish terror against Palestinians – protested and prosecuted by the Israeli government – and Palestinian terror against Jews


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