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BREAKING: Obama Secretly Begins Importing 75,000 Muslims Into These 7 States


The Obama administration is preparing to bring as many as 75,000 Syrian immigrants into the United States over the next five years, most of them Muslim refugees fleeing the Islamic State.

The government plans to allow 10,000 Syrians to immigrate to America in 2015 alone, resettling them in seven or more states around the country.

Given that Syria’s population is estimated to be roughly 90 percent Muslim, most of the refugees are likely Islamic as well.

However, although more than 300,000 Syrian Christians have reportedly been forced to flee the country, “neither the United Nations nor the Obama administration has shown a willingness to bring large numbers of Christian Syrians to the United States,” according to Greek Catholic sources cited by WND.

Logically, although the Islamic State terrorists


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