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Hungary plunges Europe into further chaos with SECOND border closure with Croatia to keep out muslim ‘refugees’

THOUSANDS of migrants heading for wealthy EU nations like Britain and Germany were today TRAPPED in Croatia after Hungary closed its border with the country last night.


The migrants were desperately heading to another border – this time with Slovenia .

Buses carrying more than 600 would-be migrants have already arrived at the border crossings of Gruskovje and Petisovci, Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said.

The Hungarian Government said it closed the crossing to ‘protect the freedoms’ of European citizens.

The Hungarians also threw up a 110-mile-long barbed wire fence along its border with Serbia.

The blockade at the Hungary-Croatia border forced thousands of migrants to divert to Slovenia, home to two million people, where the new arrivals will be registered before ‘most of them’ are transferred to the Austrian border.

Slovenia cancelled all trains from Croatia so migrants could not enter the country that way. Experts fear the move will leave thousands of migrants stranded in Croatia, which is ‘ill-equipped’ to deal with them.Croatia, plunging Europe into further turmoil.

Speaking after a meeting of the national security cabinet, Peter Szijjarto said that normal border checkpoints between the two countries would remain open, although inspections would be tightened.

Hungary has vowed to come down heavily


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