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MAKES SENSE: Hitler’s ‘school of evil’ to become muslim asylum seeker hostel

  • The Vogelsang complex was Hitler’s university where the Third Reich would school the brightest future Nazi leaders 
  • Called ‘Junkers’, students studied degree courses on ‘Ayran’ supremacy 
  • The iconic castle on the Belgium border still attracts swathes of neo-Nazis  
  • But, in an extraordinary decision, it’s becoming home for 1,000 refugees
  • ‘Surely, surely we can find a place with less political baggage than this,’ said Joachim Stamp of Germany’s FDP Liberal party

An iconic Nazi castle built to educate the Third Reich’s brightest young brains and is a magnet for far-right fascists is set to be turned into a temporary home for asylum seekers.

In an incredible move which has led to fears over clashes in Germany, refugees will soon be moved into the Vogelsang complex, which was built as a finishing school for the murderous movement’s future leaders.

The decision has been greeted with astonishment, not least because the colossal monument – the biggest surviving Nazi building – still attracts vast swathes of neo-Nazis, who gather in the grounds of the building once dedicated to the schooling of racial supermen.


School of evil: Vogelsang was envisaged as the Nazi’s version of Oxbridge, the place where they would train the future party leaders during the thousand years of the Third Reich

Brainwashing: The iconic Nazi castle was also built as a monument to the regime’s murderous ideals

‘Surely, surely we can find a place with less political baggage than this,’ said Joachim Stamp, the refugee-policy spokesman of Germany’s FDP Liberal party, who is vehemently opposed to the plan to move in 1,000 refugees before the onset of winter.

‘Even if the accommodation situation generally is difficult, I strongly advise against this place. There’s too much historical attachment open to misinterpretations. It could cause any number of potential misunderstandings abroad.’

The Cologne district government has formulated the plan for the refugees to be quartered in Vogelsang because of inadequate tented camps that could become death traps if the winter is as hard as some predict.

District government leader Gisela Walsken, of Germany’s ‘labour’ party the SPD, wants to move in the asylum seekers as swiftly as possible and house them there until the start of the new year.

‘This would be a breach of a major taboo,’ commented the Cologne Express newspaper. ‘In the past, the policy has always been to repeatedly reject commercial concepts with reference to the historical burden of the terrain.’

For acre after acre the buildings of Vogelsang loom over the dense beech and fir forests of the Eifel park, on the border with Belgium, its statues to an idealised German superman littering the grounds where monsters once lurked.

Nazi symbols are carved in brick, medieval Teutonic knights ride out in bas relief murals and eagles that once clutched the dreaded swastika in their talons abound.

Students: Those attending Vogelsang – known as ‘Junkers’, or squires – were supposed to complete three year degree courses on ‘Ayran’ supremacy before striding out to become the new ‘Gauleiters’

Future leaders: These ‘Gauleiters’ were then supposed to become the administrators and overseers of the planned German empire which would one day encompass all of Russia

Soldiers: There were 400 students registered at the outbreak of war. Seventy per cent had died by 1945

When it passed back to the German government a decade ago after being used by the Belgian army since 1945, it was nothing more than a gigantic



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