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Migrant crisis: Women sold for sex for €10 in German refugee camps


German refugee camps have seen a spike in violence and sexual assaults. Sex attacks are described as an “everyday event” at registration centres, where it is reported that migrant women are sold for sex for €10 a time.

In the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, there were reports of six rapes at refugee camps recently, and in one state alone there have been 100 cases of violence in just the last three months.

At a migrant centre in the town of Kitzingen, a female employee was allegedly sexually assaulted every day for ten days. Two migrants, aged 38 and 52, have been arrested on suspicion of attacking the female cleaner between October 1 and October 10. Officials are now only employing male cleaning staff Breitbart reports.

Expressing her concern at the incidents, local councillor Tamara Bishop said: “As a woman, what happened here really worries me.”

The reports come just weeks after German police intervened after a massive brawl erupted at a refugee centre in Hamburg. More than 200 refugees from Syria and Afghanistan clashed overnight at a freshly opened reception centre in the south eastern Bergedorf suburb, sparking a plea from the interior minister for refugees



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