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Thousands of Muslim invaders slated for Idaho

As Muslims are imported, they’re thrust upon cities and towns across America.  No location is immune.  Case in point: Idaho.  As reported by World Net Daily (WND), Idaho is slated to receive 2,000 “refugees” who will be settled in Boise and Twin Falls.  This would be on top of the refugees Idaho has already absorbed.  It turns out Idaho’s quite a hot spot for refugee resettlement.  And of late, that means a lot of Muslims, as the current round of invaders will be from Syria, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and possibly Somalia.

WND reports that community leaders found out about the plan to import them at a conference at Boise State University, where church groups, social services providers, and other stakeholders were in attendance.  Unfortunately, American citizens were not, and are not, seen as stakeholders, even though the stakes are as high as they get in this suicidal fiasco.

So what’s going on in Idaho?  WND reports:

While Idaho remains largely a rural farm state, it is not new to the refugee business. The Agency for New Americans, an arm of Episcopal Migration Ministries, operates from an office in Boise doing the organizational work on the ground needed to resettle refugees and get them “integrated” into the community. The International Rescue Committee, whose top executive is former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, also resettles refugees in Idaho.

OK.  Stop.  Note that a religious charity is involved.  This is common.  Many Christian and Jewish charities are integral to this mess unfolding at warp speed before our eyes (“mess” = hijra).  Also worthy of note is the involvement of far-left Brit David Miliband. Here is a short clip of him scolding the United States for not taking in more Syrian refugees.  (Just when you thought we free of British rule.)

The article continues:

Muslim refugees began arriving in Boise in large numbers around 1995. Since that time, 11,000 refugees have been integrated into the city[.] … While there have been reports of culture-clashes between Muslims and non-Muslims in the school system and elsewhere…Mayor David Bieter said the city welcomes the refugees with open arms. “Diversity is essential for Boise’s prosperity and livability” according to the mayor’s blog.

“Diversity isn’t a buzz word. It’s our birthright,” Bieter wrote in the blog for Welcoming America, an organization that received $150,000 in seed money from billionaire George Soros’ Open Society in 2010 and now works with the White House Task Force on New Americans to integrate new immigrants and refugees into cities across the U.S. …

Hold it!  “Integrated into the city”?  I guess that’s lefty-speak for “culture clashes.”  And why is diversity “essential to Boise’s prosperity and livability”?  And how is it Boise’s “birthright”?  More lefty nonsense for the mindless masses.

Then, on top of the fluff about how great Muslims are for Idaho, we learn that “seed money” was injected into the system by George Soros, and it all starts to make sense in a nothing-makes-sense-anymore kind of a way.  Oh, yes.  There is money to be made on the path to cultural ruin.  And a lot of folks want to get in on the action.

Boise’s mayor, along with mayors in…dozens of other cities, work with an organization called the Partnership for a New American Economy. This group includes a mix of progressive mayors, executives from some of America’s largest corporations and Chambers of Commerce all working to influence Congress to allow more immigrants into the country, both skilled and unskilled, claiming that more immigration leads to more economic prosperity for Americans, a claim that is rejected by think tanks such as the Center for Immigration Studies and the Economic Policy Institute.

Stop again!  (I do apologize for all the interruptions.)  Just what exactly is this “new American economy” these progressive mayors, execs from large corporations, and the Chamber of Commerce embrace as they lobby Congress to open the floodgates for more “immigrants”?  It’s this: businesses craving cheap labor don’t give a damn about the welfare of the community.  In Idaho, for example, there is a meat-packing plant and a large yogurt company (Chobani) looking to take advantage of cheap Muslim labor.  If it undermines the character and safety of the community, oh, well.  Americans, be damned!  The Muslims are coming!  (To learn more about this “new American economy” put into practice in Idaho, see here, here, here, and here.)

The piece continues:

Boise, a self-described “Welcoming Community,” has seen waves of refugees sent its way by the United Nations in recen


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