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It’s Time to Throw Political Correctness about Islam in the Garbage

Islam and Sharia are a very real threat in America. The Obama administration has placed Muslim Brotherhood-tied Islamists in key positions of the federal government. Even Barack Obama has been labeled a Muslim Brotherhood member and it is documented that his brother Malik Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member. When will the gloves come off and political correctness be set aside in calling out Islam for what it is? Now.

Brigitte Gabriel and others are exposing Islam for what it is, a totalitarian political and religious ideology that intends on the domination of the world, leaving a pile of bodies and bloody streets in its wake. There can be no denying this, especially when one examines the life of Islam’s founder, Mohammed, and the teachings of the Koran.

Gabriel’s organization, Act! for America, is on the front lines of informing people about what Islam is and warning of its growth in the West.

In a video distributed by AfA, the question is asked, “Where is our national security headed, when the Fort Hood massacre report never mentions ‘jihad’ or ‘radical Islam?… when our President gives Constitutional rights to foreign terrorists… when airlines frisk 80-year-old ladies, but miss



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