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This Is the Dirtiest Part of Our Body! Here is How to Clean It from Bacteria and Germs to Prevent Diseases

Personal hygiene is fundamental for obtaining optimal health. Every day we come in touch with microorganisms which stick to our skin, hair and clothes and these microbes can be very dangerous for our health. Besides the fact that, regular showering can clear away most of these bacteria and germs attached to our body, there is still one part that is inaccessible and stays filthy even after showering.


We are speaking about the navel, the dirtiest part of our body and a real source of germs and bacteria. Our navel is indrawn and this shape makes it prone to collect clothes fibers, dead skin cells, sweat, lotion and soap. This composition is a perfect ground for developing microorganisms and if you don’t clean your navel thoroughly and regularly it can cause odor and different health problems as well as infections. According to certain research, an indrawn navel is prone to gather


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