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Australia: Islamic State prisoners threaten to behead guards and inmates who don’t convert


“Word on the street was most in that yard (had been radicalised) and they were going to take a hostage — one of the six Christians in the yard — and behead them.” But the end result of this is more dangerous underestimation of the Islamic State: “I would call ISIS a gang now.”


“Australia’s highest security prison is ‘overrun by ISIS’ with gang members threatening ‘to behead officers and inmates’ who won’t convert to radical Islam,” by Daniel Peters, Daily Mail Australia, October 14, 2015:

Australia’s highest security prison reportedly houses an extremist ISIS gang that has threatened to behead correctional officers and inmates unless they convert to radical Islam.

According to the Daily Telegraph, at least 30 gang members residing in Goulburn jail in NSW, have engaged in warfare against ‘infidel’ that oppose their religious ideologies.

Home to SuperMax, Goulburn houses some of Australia’s most infamous and dangerous criminals.

Wasim Fayed is rumoured to be a member of prison gang ‘Brothers 4 Life’, which is allegedly turning into an extremist ISIS gang.

Last month, a ‘Lebanese’ yard was reportedly made exclusively Muslim, with prison guards relocating all males who didn’t identify as Islamic.

‘Word on the street was most in that yard


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