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John Kerry Urges Israeli Residents to Not Defend Themselves Against Knife-Attacks


Even after Israeli authorities have recommended that conceal carry permit holders arm themselves when they go out into the public, Secretary of State John Kerry is urging them to not fight back.

We are hearing of more attacks in Israel on a daily basis, most of them involving knives.  So much for “evil” guns being the problem.  But good luck getting anti-gunners to admit that it’s evil people who want to take innocent life that should be the target of our attention.

According to PJ Media, John Kerry wants Israelis to be sitting ducks and to forget about the “self-help” approach:

Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters today that Israel has a right to defend itself, but discouraged against “self-help” responses to random stabbing attacks from Palestinians.

Israeli authorities have encouraged citizens with gun permits to carry when they’re out and about, as they can possibly stop an attacker before police can get on the scene.

Israel Army Radio reported today that the internal security ministry phone service “collapsed” from citizens inundating the ministry with gun permit requests. They’ve doubled the number of workers at the ministry to field the requests.

Appearing at a press conference in Madrid with his Spanish counterpart, Kerry again used the recent spate of violence in Jerusalem to call for a two-state solution.

“Security and diplomacy go hand in hand. There is not a time for one and then the other, really there is an importance to both. We want to see calm restored and we want to see the violence stop. And I think everybody in Israel and in the region would like to see both of those things happen,” Kerry said.

“We continue to urge everybody to exercise restraint and restrain from any kind of self-help in terms of the violence, and Israel has every right in the world to protect its citizens, as it has been, from random acts of violence. But in my conversations with the prime minister, as well as with King Abdullah and


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