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Most Common Reasons You Feel Bloated All The Time (And How To Fix The Problem)

Bloating is a common problem that people complain every day. The positive thing is that this problem is almost always solvable when the causes of it are precisely determined. Bloating is a very uncomfortable condition, particularly for women because it affects their appearance and confidence.


These are some of the most common reasons why you may feel bloated:
1. Intestinal yeast overgrowth
2. Insulin resistance
3. Food intolerances
4. Poor food combining
5. Gluten sensitivity
6. Deficiency of digestive enzymes
7. Irregular mealtimes
8. Bacterial overgrowth or parasites

1. Intestinal yeast overgrowth
Yeast overgrowth in the intestines is extremely common, and it is often caused by frequent antibiotic use. Antibiotics change your digestive flora, and allow yeast to take over. Too much yeast in the organism causes bloating and gas. Some other symptoms of yeast overgrowth are sugar cravings, fatigue, brain fog, vaginal yeast infections, and fungal skin infections.
Cutting off sugar from your diet and replenishing the intestinal flora with probiotics are the main steps you should take to treat yeast.

2. Insulin resistance
Most usual symptoms of insulin resistance are: weight gain, intense cravings for sugary foods, increased appétit, feeling bloated and tired and bloated after eating.
If a person has these signs, and especially diabetes runs in the family, then this individual may have insulin resistance. Diet changes and exercising can help a lot in the treatment of this condition.

3. Food intolerance
Food allergy and food intolerance are not the same thing. Food intolerance is a delayed reaction to a food, while food allergy is an immediate response of itching, anaphylaxis or swelling. The food that causes intolerances includes dairy, eggs, banana, pineapple, citrus, sometimes nuts (peanuts and almonds) wheat, gluten and corn. Food intolerance causes inflammation of the digestive tract and can result with bloating.

4. Poor food combining
People often don’t realize that food combining can also result in bloating and indigestion. You should avoid combining fruits with other food, especially proteins. Or, you should never eat fruit salad right after you had fish. Another rule for food combination is to not mix proteins and carbohydrates. Following these simple rules will help you



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