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She Put Her Hands in Apple Cider Vinegar Twice a Week; You Will Not Believe The Effect is Achieved


Since she suffered severe pain in the hands decided itself to try with alternative medicine.

“A couple of years I lead the fight against pain in the joints and hands and after that doctors diagnosed arthritis caused by the hard work and malnutrition. Since I’m not a person who immediately reaches for chemistry, I decided to try with natural solution and I am glad that I did. I spoke to the doctor and he said the same thing that I can try apple cider vinegar, but I have to be persistent. I started to use it and now after 2 months I can say that I am quite better. The first month I was doing it three times a week and now twice. I have put hands in vinegar before sleeping and I did relieve pain and tingling in the hands that I had. I have used natural drink made of apple cider vinegar and water with a little honey. I want to recommend everyone to try, because I have succeed. “says Ana H., who has spent a lifetime working as a typist and where it got the disease.

Joint pain is a very uncomfortable feeling, which certainly makes it difficult to perform tasks and household chores.

If you suffer from joint pain, you know very well that the standard drugs provide only temporary relief.

The best way to reduce pain and symptoms of arthritis is lifestyle changes, including diet.

Also, you can turn to the means of folk medicine, and one of them is – apple cider vinegar.

Ways to use apple cider


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