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BOOOOM: Kurds kill top Al-Qaeda leader in Syria, shooting him in the head during gun battle

Al-Qaeda’s leader in Syria has been killed in a gun battle with Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) paramilitants in Aleppo.


The al-Nusra Front, the Sunni Islamic jihadist militia fighting against Syrian Government forces in the civil war, confirmed Sheikh Abu Sulaiman Al Masri’s death this morning.

Images of his body, containing a bloody head wound, have been shared online.

He was killed while fighting against members of the PKK, a battle during which he was shot in the skull.

His death is considered a devastating blow to the terror group’s operations in the war torn Middle Eastern country.

Al-Nusra – or The Front for the Defence of the Syrian People – is considered the second most powerful jihadist group in Syria after the Islamic State

It first announced its existence four years ago, saying it was behind many of the suicide bombings that rocked Syria when civil war broke out in March 2011.

The group – which is said to target its propaganda at ordinary Muslims – has developed a reputation for discipline and honesty, according to local reports, which helped it gain a key roles in rebel-held areas in Aleppo when the uprising first began.



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