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LUNACY IN FRANCE: Policeman suspended for two years for criticizing the ISIS

“In September 2014, I strongly reacted to the kidnapping and beheading of Hervé Gourdel that followed a call from the leaders of the Islamic State to murder “the dirty evil French”. One of my colleagues from work, whom I had invited as a ‘friend’ on my Facebook page, denounced me to my superiors….According to the administrative decree that was sent to me today, I am accused of having created an anonymous Facebook page in September 2014, showing several “provocative” images and commentaries, ‘discriminatory and injurious’, of a ‘xenophobic or anti-Muslim’ nature. As an example, there was that portrait of the Calif al-Baghdadi, head of the Islamic State, with a visor on his forehead. This publication was exhibited during my appearance before the discipline committee with the following accusation: ‘Are you not ashamed of stigmatizing an imam in this way?’”

The Islamic State: it has nothing to do with Islam, as we’re constantly told — unless you criticize its caliph. Then it has everything to do with Islam, and you’re “stigmatizing an imam.”

This madness will spell the death of France and the West.


“Policeman suspended for reaction to Islamic terror,” GalliaWatch,

A policeman named Sébastien Jallamion (above) has been suspended from his official duties for two years because of a Facebook page he created in September 2014 where he condemned the Islamic State for the beheading of Frenchman Hervé Gourdel. He gave an interview dated October 6 to Pierre Cassen of Riposte Laïque:

– RL: You are a policeman, and at times a contributor to sites such as Riposte Laïque and Boulevard Voltaire. You have, moreover, created an association, l’Andele, that defends freedom of speech. Can you explain to our readers what you do in the police force, and why you created this association?

– SJ: I entered the force in 1996, having completed my national service with the Police.

Note: What he calls “national service” was actually the compulsory military service in place until 1996 when it was replaced by a professional army. Apparently he was able to do his service with the National Police, rather than the Army, and then enter the police force on a permanent basis. He says that while studying law in Lyon he realized that his mission in life was to “serve and protect my fellow citizens.”

As for l’Andele, a few friends and I created it in 2014 after we saw that many of our fellow countrymen had to answer for their freedom of speech in the courts, on fallacious charges, often as a result of complaints from so-called “anti-racist” associations that are largely subsidized and politicized. In short, the scales of justice had to be re-balanced to allow those without means to defend themselves.

– And a misfortune with grave consequences befell you, since you have just been condemned by the correctional court of Lyon to a rather hefty fine of 5000 euros, following a suit against you filed by the State prosecutor. Explain what happened.

– I created an anonymous Facebook account in 2011 where I frequently expressed myself, first on cultural subjects, then depending on current events, on more political subjects. So in September 2014, I strongly reacted to the kidnapping and beheading of Hervé Gourdel that followed a call from the leaders


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