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Indonesia passes law to cane gay people

An Acehnese man convicted for "immoral acts" is lashed by a hooded local government officer during a public caning at a square in Banda Aceh, Aceh province, on June 12, 2015. AFP PHOTO / Chaideer MAHYUDDIN        (Photo credit should read CHAIDEER MAHYUDDIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Part of Indonesia has passed a law meaning gay people caught having sex will be caned in public 100 times.

Banda Aceh province introduced the ‘inhumane’ regulation last year, but officials held off from implementing it until this week so they could ‘educate’ people about it.

As well as being caned 100 times, people caught having sex with someone of the same sex will be fined up to a kilogram of gold (about £24,400) and can be sent to prison for 100 months.

You can also be caned 100 times for committing adultery – but won’t be subject to a fine or imprisonment.

People caught gambling, drinking alcohol and women who skip Friday prayers or wear tight clothes can also be lashed publicly.

Aceh is considered more strictly religious than other areas of Muslim-majority Indonesia and is the only province


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