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Spanish town called ‘Camp Kill Jews’ finally changes name

sraeli Ambassador to Spain Daniel Kutner attends name-changing ceremony and praises act; old name was in existence since at least 1623.

srael’s ambassador to Spain attended a ceremony on Friday in which the name of a Spanish town was officially changed from Castrillo Matajudios – which translates as “Camp Kill Jews” – to Castrillo Mota de Judios, or “Jews’ Hill Camp.”

Ambassador Daniel Kutner told the Associated Press that the town’s decision to commemorate its Jewish past was to be praised. “It must be remembered that the expulsion from Spain was for Jews a traumatic event of historic dimensions and set out the trajectory for the Jewish people from there on,” he said at a brief ceremony where the town’s new name was unveiled.


The ceremony came after the town officially changed its name in June to Castrillo Mota de Judios following a referendum and regional government approval.


A vote by residents of the town in May 2014 went 29-19 in favor of scrapping the name, which has been in existence since at least 1623.


The decision brought an end to the embarrassment of locals, who frequently found themselves trapped into giving awkward explanations to


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