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‘They Don’t Respect Our Law’: German Police Chief Says Force Is ‘Overwhelmed’ By Muslim Migrants


(Newsmax) – The chief of the German police union has said that the migrant influx – forecast to hit 1.5 million by the end of the year – has left the nation’s police forces “overwhelmed” as they tackle sectarian conflict and “extreme criminal offences.”

Rainer Wendt (above) said new arrivals lacked respect for and knowledge of German law, which was insufficient to prosecute asylum seekers, and called for extra protection for women, children and Christians.

Mr Wendt has been Federal Chairman of the German Police Union since 2007. He welcomed new tougher asylum policy passed by the German parliament, particularly in relation to Balkans migrants, as a “good sign” but questioned why “things always have to go up in flames” before politicians “react.”

“This should’ve happened at least a year or so ago when we saw the first signs of the chaos,” he said in an interview with broadcaster N24.

Earlier in the month Breitbart London reported on the first comprehensive social and scientific study on violence in migrant centres in Germany, which revealed that conflict is part of “everyday life” for inhabitants and is likely to increase.

The “ultimate and primary cause” was ethnic and religious tensions, researchers said. Clashes at a migrant camp near the central German city of Kassel on September 28th left 14 people injured, including three policemen, and in October 7th around three hundredmigrants brawled in a migrant centre in Braunschweig.

“In our asylum camps all hell broke loose; at the border in southern Germany, and in Bavaria especially, it’s hell. Our colleagues down there can’t ever take their boots off [to rest] anymore,” said Mr Wendt, naming struggling federal forces all over Germany.

He said some were “heavily overwhelmed. And now politicians are acting like they’re totally surprised… they should’ve reacted a lot sooner.”

Explaining that the police now had to simultaneously guard hundreds of new camps whilst attempting to quell the “criminality among the refugees; meaning rapes of women and of children, massive use of violence, criminal activities such as exploitation, slavery, we see it all there.”

Isolated crimes are not the problem, “not just little squabbles,” he said; “not because they’re living in cramped spaces; theses are territorial conflicts, dominance struggles.

“I mean, fanatical religious groups that can’t be separated easily.”

Mr Wendt said private security being used in the camps was not qualified to deal with such complex sectarian conflict and German police


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