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Woman Drink Water With Honey and Lemon Every Morning for a Year, What Happened to Her is Extraordinary


Crystal Davis drank water with honey and lemon every morning for a year. Is the story of her incredible transformation. There is one year, Crystal Davis has had a severe flu. She took several medications, but they were not effective. One woman advised him to drink hot water with honey and lemon each morning. At first she reacted skeptically on his recommendation, but after she tried. The flu was cured and she began to enjoy desbienfaits lemon water with honey. Crystal Davis began to drink hot water with honey and lemon, every day. This habit lasted a year during which his body was transformed in a way totally unexpected.

What are the changes:

For a year, Crystal Davis has not caught a cold or felt hurt the stomach. Crystal Davis never believed in the power of traditional medicine. She was a slave pharmaceuticals. In case of stomach pain, chronic fatigue, she was on medication or vitamins. For a whole year, Crystal Davis says no sneezing, not even once.Now she always honey and lemon wherever she goes. It replaced the morning coffee by the drink. Since she is drinking hot water with lemon and honey, Crystal said to have much more energy during the day and be able to sleep easily at night. She also noted that the awakening was much more enjoyable. It is no longer nervous and his relations with his entourage have become healthier. Seeing all these changes, Crystal Davis convinced his family to follow his example. So, she and her family have caught neither cold nor winter ailments.

The recipe
For this drink a glass, add the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of honey in warm water. Drink


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