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France: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” & “Kill the Jews” stabs Jew, punches rabbi


“The initial official report was that a Rabbi and two congregants had been stabbed by a ‘drunk’. But the real story is turning out to be more of the same old Muslim supremacism and anti-Semitism.” (Daniel Greenfield)

Europe is ridding itself of its Jews by allowing millions of these Jew-haters to colonize the continent. They not only sacrifice the Jews, but they are sacrificing themselves as well.

“Palestinian” is a euphemism for Jew-hatred and Islamic antisemitism.

As the global jihad against the Jews intensifies, watch for Obama and Kerry to step up their pressure on Israel to make concessions to the “Palestinian” jihadis.

Rabbi Yehuda Malul of the Menuchat Shalom synagogue in Marseilles, France, was attacked this past weekend with another congregant while on their way to morning prayers.

The synagogue is located in the center of the southern French city, where there are many hareidi-religious Jews, synagogues and yeshivot.

According to a report posted on the Hebrew-language



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