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How & Where To Tap Your Meridian Points To Reduce Nervousness & Anxiety

When you have a big event, meeting, or presentation on the horizon, you’re filled with anticipation – and nerves.

What coaching and energy healing tools can you use to make sure you are totally prepared and perform at your optimum on the day?

Tapping Your K27 Points

Take your index finger and thumb and place it on the inside of your collarbone, where the bony protrusion is located. Now move your hand about an inch down and feel around slightly in that area: your finger and thumb tips should each find a sore spot. That’s the K27 point of your kidney meridian.


This is a very useful meridian tapping point that basically allows you to put anything into your system. The other thing I like about it is that it’s easy to put your fingers on that spot in public and lightly massage when you need help and can’t get somewhere for privacy.

Either lightly rub or tap or on the area while just repeating the word of the feeling you want to put in. I often use it and say ‘peace and forgiveness’ over and over until I feel calmer and more peaceful.

You need a quick-to-use technique like this because even if you are super prepared for the day’s proceedings, nerves often hit. This one is to help you deal with on-the-day nerves. Starting to use it a few weeks beforehand will mean it becomes an unconscious habit, and you don’t have to focus on remembering to do it on the day.

Here’s a video on how to fully tap for anxiety and nervousness that can often show up in different situations in life. Simply replace stress with anxiety or nervousness for the same results.

Body Talk Performance Setup

If you shift a lot, you’ll have noticed that your system has a tendency to get thrown out of whack at the most inappropriate times – and for a big event you really can’t afford that.

A really effective solution is to have a BodyTalk session with a good practitioner a few days before the event. If you’ve never had BodyTalk before, you might need four or five sessions before you can set this up, because after a period of no sessions you always end up doing basics and plumbing so that your system can get flowing again.

Your practitioner then needs to set up the intention that your system needs performance support on certain specific dates. Your system will usually specify to the practitioner what will happen and what time it will run, probably so that it matches the meridian that will serve


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