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Braindead liberals plead with muslim “refugees” not to trash, steal, tresspass, and rape…”refugees” ignore


Frantic German liberals have embarked on a media campaign to urge the current flood of nonwhite invaders not to trash Germany, steal, trespass, mistreat children, defecate in public, and haggle in supermarkets.

Furthermore, the officially published guidelines beg the nonwhite invaders to respect freedom of religion, not to attack homosexuals, to ignore girls wearing shorts, not to interpret smiles as sexual invitations, and to stop pestering German girls for their private contact details.

The list of requests—which would be laughable if they were not meant in all seriousness—provides a dramatic insight into the mindset of both liberals—who believe that race-based cultures can be discarded like coats at the border crossing—and the behavior of the nonwhite invaders themselves.

These incredible “guidelines” for invaders have been published by public national media (such as that by Germany’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, DW), private pro-invader organizations, and even local authorities.

The DW service—which is owned by ARD (the Consortium of Public Broadcasters in the Federal Republic of Germany), on a special web page titled “10 things to know when you come to Germany,” said that “When you first come to Germany as a refugee, there are a number of things that you need to remember. Not everything is as clear as it may seem: There are laws and social norms that need to be adhered to.”

Among the things it asks the nonwhite invaders to remember are:

– No work without a work permit. (“In contrast to some countries in the Middle East and Africa, working without a work permit in Germany is against the law.”)

– No violence towards children. (“German law states: ‘Children have a right to a violence-free upbringing.’”)

– Kids have to go to school (“School-age children can’t just stay at home, or go to work.”)

– Supermarket prices are set. (“Negotiating a lower price is part of daily life in many countries. But this isn’t the way things are done in Germany, neither in supermarkets, nor in most shops.” In other words, no Semitic market haggling).

– Keep your distance (“In many cultures, hugging, kissing or giving gifts to local kids in the neighborhood is normal. In Germany, children shouldn’t be approached in this manner.”)

The privately run “Refugee Guide” in Hamburg has also published a list of things invaders should remember after landing in Germany on their website.

They say that their guide is “meant for visitors to Germany, refugees and future citizens. Its aim is to give orientation at the very beginning of their stay in Germany.” Among the tips they provide are:

– “Smiling in public is not usually considered flirting, even when you are talking with a stranger.” (In other words, a smile is not an invitation for physical or sexual interest.)

– “It is considered polite to knock on [a] door before entering and usually you will be welcome and asked in.”

– “Peeing in public can be an offense.”

– “It is perfectly safe to throw toilet paper into the lavatory, not into the garbage bin.”

– “Make sure to leave the restroom clean and dry. Therefore, it is advisable to use the toilet in a sitting position.”

– “In public, particularly in public transportation, it is considered rude to have lengthy and loud conversations.”

– “Everybody can confess to and practice his or her


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