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German Youth Hostels Free Offer Housing for Muslim “refugees”, in rooms next to actual paying customers


Housing migrants in the youth hostels? Would you allow your child to stay there? What could possibly go wrong?

The youth hostel system was something that really worked in Germany. This will hurt tourism, even if they try to separate them from ever meeting with tourists. These youth hostels won’t be available for tourism by next summer.

And Chancellor Angela  Merkel has gone off the rails. Merkel’s government said that next year it would provide four billion euros in extra funding to cope with the invasion. Even that number will fall short.

“German youth hostels offer refugees winter shelter,” DW, October 28, 2015

Germany’s youth hostel association has offered winter accommodation for 3,800 asylum seekers alongside other guests. Half of the 800,000 refugees expected in Germany this year are under 25s.

Youth Hostel Association head Bernd Dohn told the German news agency DPA on Saturday that existing bookings for other guests had been rearranged so that whole buildings were available to refugees.

The temporary winter shelter would be provided at hostels in five states – Bremen, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt and Bavaria, he said.

“We have amicably rebooked other guests and decided not to take new reservations,” Dohn said. “For that, many (guests) showed


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