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Is the WHO report on the “dangers” of bacon the first step to Sharia Law?


By The Backburner

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has slammed the World Health Organisation’s report on the carcinogenic effects of bacon and other processed meats claiming it is merely a shield for the introduction of Sharia Law.


In a blistering speech the outspoken senator claimed that the report was a front put on by the ‘political correctness brigade’ in order to ensure pork products would not be consumed by the Australian people.


“Look at the facts,” demanded Lambie. “They’re telling us that we’re not allowed to eat bacon. That’s pure Sharia Law right there. That’s how they’re going to get to us and everyone is too blind to see.


“First they tell us that bacon and sausage might have some negative effects on our health and next thing you know they’re running the country. That’s how fast it happens, probably. I can’t really imagine what the steps are between those two things so they must jump straight from one to the other.


“The fastest way to a society’s heart is through its stomach. The World Health Organisation is trying to attack the heart of this nation by trying to save that heart from debilitating


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