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ISIS Will Use High-Tech ‘Floating Condom Bombs’ to Destroy Russia’s Air Force in Syria

Is ISIS using highly explosive, floating condoms in a hilarious attempt to take down Russian warplanes in Syria? Amazingly…maybe?


A week from now, when all of Russia’s warplanes in Syria are blown out of the sky, Putin will scratch his head and think to himself: Why didn’t I consider the threat of explosive, floating condoms? But by then it will be far too late. Via the greatest tabloid article ever to grace the Internet:

BIZARRE footage has been released appearing to show ISIS fighters using bombs attached to blown up CONDOMS to try to bring down Russian fighter jets.

The incredible three minute video shows jihadis putting together the explosives before releasing the contraceptives into the air.

Said to take place in the Syrian town of Idlib, the scenes show the desperate levels the terrorists are going to try to stop Vladimir Putin’s onslaught.

The astonishing footage, which has religious chanting running over the top, begins with jihadis assembling the bombs in a room with Arabic writing on the walls.

(Popular Science also reported on this irresponsible Takfiri condom use. So maybe it’s actually true?) There is an actual video you can watch, if you really want. Does this video show ISIS fighters attaching bombs to inflated


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