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Former Australian leader: Slam shut your borders or pay a terrible price from muslim immigration

Naturally, the safety and prosperity that exists almost uniquely in Western countries is an irresistible magnet.

These blessings are not the accidents of history, but the product of values painstakingly discerned and refined, and of practices carefully cultivated and reinforced over hundreds of years.


Implicitly or explicitly, the imperative to ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’ is at the heart of every Western policy. It expresses itself in laws protecting workers, in strong social security safety nets, and in the readiness to take in refugees.

It’s what makes us decent and humane countries as well as prosperous ones — but, right now, this wholesome instinct is leading much of Europe into catastrophic error.

All countries that say ‘anyone who gets here can stay here’ are in peril, given the scale of the population movements that are starting to be seen.

There are tens — perhaps hundreds — of millions of people, living in poverty and danger who might readily seek to enter a Western country if the opportunity is there.

Who could blame



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