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Horrifying scenes as 60 elephants BEHEADED in savage mass slaughter in Cecil’s park

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT HORRIFYING photographs have emerged showing the latest wild animal butchery after more than 60 elephants were killed in the same park which was home to Cecil the Lion.

Slumped and lifeless, the appalling photographs show some of at least 62 elephants slaughtered in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe in a matter of days.

Their bloodied ivory tusks lay among butchered trunks as distraught park rangers look on.

They are the latest victims in a spate of terrifying killings, which are also believed to have been caused by cyanide.

It is not known who is behind the brutal beheadings, but it is now feared the poisonings could have been carried out by park rangers protesting over poor pay.

The most recent attack against the gentle giants saw 22 elephants, including their babies, killed after being poisoned by the toxic chemical.

The grizzly discovery of the elephant carcasses were also accompanied by the finding of 35 tusks, according to a spokeswoman for the parks and wildlife management authority.

It was first thought poachers may have made the kills but it is feared the elephants may have been killed by those close around them in a twisted act of spite.

Rangers at the park are furious over their poor and erratic wages, according to reports.

It was claimed they have only just received their pay due last month, while management have failed to cough up costs for watering hole pumps.

An unnamed source from the National Parks and Wildlife Authority in Zimbabwe said there were “serious management problems” within the park.

He added: “Some of the rangers are very


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