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Rapist to 15-Year-Old: ‘Islam Allows It and We Will Do It’


Another one of the millions of Muslims who “misunderstand” Islam in exactly the same way. Perhaps the Islamic apologists and running dogs for Islam are the true “misunderstands.”

How many millions of girls have to be gang-raped, trafficked and enslaved before the elites stop clubbing those of us who oppose this savagery?

This is all according to Islamic law (sharia).

“Prosperous are the believers who in their prayers are humble and from idle talk turn away
and at almsgiving are active and guard their private parts save from their wives and what their right hands own then being not blameworthy.” (Quran 23:1-6)

Those whom their “right hands own” (Quran 4:3, 4:24, 33:50) are slaves, and inextricable from the concept of Islamic slavery as a whole is the concept of sex slavery, which is rooted in Islam’s devaluation of the lives of non-Muslims. The Quran stipulates that a man may take four wives as well as hold slave girls as sex slaves. These women are captured in wartime and are considered the spoils of war. Islam avoids the appearance of impropriety, declaring that the taking of these sex slaves does not constitute adultery if the women are already married, for their marriages are ended at the moment of their capture. A manual of Islamic law directs: “When a child or a woman is taken captive, they become slaves by the fact of capture, and the woman”s previous marriage is immediately annulled” (Reliance of the Traveller, o9.13). Source: Robert Spencer

“EXCLUSIVE: Freed Yezidi teen tells of life as ISIS sex slave,” By Simav Mazher,  Rudaw, (thanks to The Religion of,
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A young Kurdish Yezidi woman who became pregnant while being held as a sex slave of the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS, for more than three months, has brought her exclusive story to Rudaw.

The woman, 15, is originally from Shingal. Her name has been changed to Hind in this account to preserve her safety. She was abducted when ISIS fighters overran the Yezidi’s ancestral homeland.

“On August 3 at 2am, the war started in Shingal. The fight lasted until 9am and then the Yezidis and Peshmerga were defeated. I left with my brother’s wife to my uncle’s house. I had my little sisters with me and my aunts had their daughters, and we managed to find a car. My father and mother along with my uncle walked to the mountain. Those who walked towards the mountain managed to escape but those who took a car were stuck and ISIS caught them,” she told Rudaw.

Hind said she distrusted some local Arabs and suspected they had waited for this moment to attack the Yezidis.

She said most of the families who failed to escape were caught on the Syrian border and then taken to a camp in Khansor.

Hind had said she and two of her sisters were taken to Baaj and then transferred to Tal Afar. After Tal Afar, they were taken to Badoosh prison where they stayed for 25 days

“They took us again to Tal Afar and we stayed in a school. They separated the families with the young girls. We were around 700 girls,” she said.

She said she stayed at a three-storey house in Mosul and one day one an ISIS emir came and took her and one of her friends.

“At 3am he raped me. That ugly monster,” she told Rudaw. “For more than three months, I cried myself from the morning until the night.”

Hind and her friends never lost hope. They tried to escape but they were caught by the militants and taken to base where hundreds of other Yezidi girls were held as hostage.

“My friend and I were taken to a basement and stayed there for one week with no water and food,” she said.

Hind and her friend were continuously transferred between places. She said they were even taken to Syria and then returned to the basement.

“I still live in fear and have nightmares every night,” she said.

“The first one who raped me was tall and had a long beard. He was originally from Syria,” she told Rudaw.

Hind said she was sold once for $200 and once given as a gift from one ISIS fighter to another.

Finally, she was forced to marry an ISIS member who eventually took her to a Christian house.

“We managed to find a cell phone and gave


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