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Xtian Kidnapped Before Wedding and Forcibly Converted

In a sad but typical story in Pakistan, a Christian girl about to be married was kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man.


Nabil Bibi and Sajid Masih from Changa Manga, Pakistan, a small town close to Lahore, had planned to marry in November after a year-long engagement. Less than one month before the wedding, Bibi was abducted by a Muslim man named Allah Rakha. After a long search for her to no avail, Bibi’s fiance, her father and other family members lodged a complaint with the police.

One month later, the police had reportedly failed to act on the complaint.

Two weeks ago, a number of men showed up at Bibi’s father’s house and presented him papers documenting Bibi’s conversion and her marriage to Rakha. Able to locate the address of Rakha’s house, Bibi’s fiance, her father and two cousins went to Rakha’s house and asked to meet with Bibi.

The request was flatly refused.  After insisting on a meeting with Bibi, the small group of Christians were surrounded by close


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