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MAJOR NEWS: ISIS claims responsibility for downed Russian passenger plane crash…can you imagine Putin’s response if true

Commercial jet carrying 224 people crashes in the Sinai desert in area of Islamic insurgency; Egypt: no survivors, too soon to know cause of crash; ISIS claims it downed the jet.



Roi Kais and News Agencies
Egypt confirmed on Saturday morning that a Russian passenger plane carrying 224 passengers and crew had crashed in the Sinai desert. Several Egyptian military and security officials said there were no survivors.

The flight was carrying 214 Russian passengers and three Ukrainians, the Egyptian cabinet said in a statement. Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared Nov. 1 a national day of mourning.

Egyptian air traffic control said it lost contact with the civilian airliner shortly after it took off from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh en route to Russia. Egyptian authorities said the wreckage was found in an area where Egyptian forces are fighting an Islamic militant insurgency.

The Islamic State group claimed that its local affiliate in the Sinai had succeeded in downing the aircraft, according to supporters on Twitter and the Aamaq website, which acts as a semi official news agency for Islamic State. According to the report, the organization said it did so in revenge for Russian airstrikes in Syria.

“Russians and everyone who is with you in the alliance: Know that you have no safety on Muslim soil or in Muslim airspace,” read a statement attributed to ISIS. “The daily murdering of dozens in Syria by your airstrikes will bring disaster on you. Just as you kill, so you will be killed, God willing.”

However, an Egyptian aviation official said the pilot had reported technical difficulties before losing contact


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