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Trump bluntly states, “OBAMA HATES ISRAEL”

Republican presidential candidate says he thinks Obama hates Israel but stresses Israel would be safe with him as president.


By Ben Ariel, Canada
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Thursday that he thinks President Barack Obama “hates Israel”, but the Jewish state would be safe with him as President.

Speaking during a campaign speech in Nevada, Trump responded to a person in the crowd who shouted “Israel” to get his attention and said, “I heard the beautiful name of Israel.”

“So many friends in Israel, they don’t know what happened,” continued Trump. “They have a president who — they actually think Obama hates Israel. I think he does.”

The billionaire added that he thinks Israel is “in such a massive amount of trouble. Because of the agreement,” in reference to the deal with Iran, which he said “is so bad for Israel, so dangerous.”

But, he stressed, “Israel is safe with this one,” pointing to himself.

Trump has stood up for Israel several times in the past. Two weeks ago he slammed the State Department, after its spokesperson John Kirby said there were “credible reports” regarding “excessive force” by Israel against Palestinians.

“Israel’s being hit from all sides,


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