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And once Clinton spoke, he delivered an insulting and condescending speech that justifies the booing.


Halloween in Israel tends to overlap with the Rabin Memorial, an unofficial Labor campaign rally in Kings of Israel Square commemorating the murder of the former prime minister by a gunman who had been urged to the act by an informant working for the law enforcement arm of Rabin’s left government which was using him to provoke “right wing extremist” incidents.

They got the mother of all of those “extremist” incidents there.

Here’s a New York Times piece on this bizarre mess.

The former agent, Avishai Raviv, who had been an informer in the ranks of the militant right for the Shin Bet security service, was also charged with conspiracy and ”support for a terrorist organization,” the right-wing group Eyal, which he founded and led.

Mr. Raviv, code-named ”Champagne” by his Shin Bet handlers, was absent from the Jerusalem district court where the indictment was filed.

”Time after time, Avishai Raviv went out and convinced people to murder Yitzhak Rabin,” said Deputy Minister Michael Eitan, who had spearheaded the battle to bring the charges.

Most of the Israeli public is sick and tired of the circus. The left has tirelessly milked a murder their own attempts to incite “right wing extremism” were responsible for. The lack of trust is revealing in a statistic which shows that only 65% of Israelis even believe that Yigal Amir shot Rabin. But for the left, the Rabin assassination, like JFK’s death, marked the end of their own “Camelot”, a utopia in which the PLO would have stopped killing Israelis and kept its deals. If only Rabin hadn’t been shot.

The annual extended memorials commemorate this supposed death of peace. Obama sent in his own video message. And Bill Clinton showed up. Except, the crowd booed him.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was booed by some when he stepped on stage, most likely due to his work as a lobbyist for the Noble Energy gas corporation.

Haaretz has to spin it as anti-capitalism, but it’s just possible that he and Obama are not all that popular these days, even with left-wing Israelis. And once Clinton spoke, he delivered an insulting and condescending speech that justifies the booing.

“The next step will be determined by whether you decide that Yitzhak Rabin was right, that you have to share the future with your neighbors, that you have to give their children a chance … that the risk for peace is not as severe as a risk of walking away from it,” Clinton said.

Israelis had made numerous sacrifices and lived through decades of terror, surrendered land and ended up having to live in bomb shelters for the sake of “peace”.

But that doesn’t stop Clinton or Obama from coming in and lecturing Israelis on the importance of “choosing peace” while completely ignoring the fact that the PLO leaders have repeatedly rejected it.

No Rabinaversary would be complete without the usual smear about “Rabbis and politicians” killing Rabin.

Meretz Chairwoman Zehava Galon said at the rally: “Rabin was murdered because he proposed a political vision for the State of Israel. He was murdered because of the politician that he was – a politician who wanted to end the occupation and make peace with the Palestinians. Rabin was murdered because of a political atmosphere that let his blood, because of a public – backed by rabbis and politicians – that thought that an elected government which relies on the votes of Arab citizens is an illegitimate government, a public that has since grown in size and in strength.”

Technically, Rabin was murdered because the left wanted a right-wing extremist enemy so badly that it had to create it. Rabbis and politicians didn’t incite Rabin’s murder. An employee of the security establishment promoting the political agenda of a discredited left-wing government did.

Still Rivlin, who manages to become a more repulsive


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