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Michelle Obama giving large amount of US taxpayer money to muslim countries to better their schools…don’t many US schools need this money?


All those black inner-city kids who are attending sub-standard, under-performing, often violent schools that could benefit from millions more in funding might want to sit up and pay attention to this information, of how their own racial blindness and with it their continued support of Democrats is  damaging their own children.

Their loyalty to Hussein Obama, which is based solely on his identifying as being black, continues to cost all Americans dearly, most particularly, poor kids in the worst schools, a high percentage of which are poor and black. Their parents need to be honest with themselves and ask, “Is it worth sacrificing my child’s future for a pledge of unconditional allegiance to a phony who is manipulating them solely for the furtherance of his anti-American agenda?” The answer is clearly no, but getting them to admit it is difficult and would require recognition of their own reasons for supporting the illegal alien usurper. It’s no mystery that it’s a racial thing, but in their own best interests, that of their children and of our nation, it’s time to move on. He’s an evil guy who happens to be non-white of some variety, accept it and hold him accountable.

Judicial Watch reported this week on some serious money, to the tune of $70 million dollars, that is being given away by the unelected head of the special interest “child and female” arm of the Marxist Obama regime, his domestic partner Michelle. This single instance of reckless waste among countless examples is not going towards helping Americans, but rather is going to the Muslim country of Pakistan, home of the Taliban hideouts, poppy fields, al-Qaeda, anti-American sentiment, and for a while, Obama’s number one homey deserter, Bowe Bergdahl and Osama Bin Laden. Once again liberals are being quite generous with other people’s money, that of the people of the United States, as Judicial Watch reported:

It’s part of the First Lady’s initiative (Let Girls Learn) to educate and empower an estimated 62 million girls in third-world countries who are not in school. A noble cause indeed, but it’s costing American taxpayers huge sums while kids—especially minorities—in this country struggle in schools that aren’t adequately funded, according to public education advocates. “We know that countries with more girls


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