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Women raped and murdered in latest German muslim ‘refugee’ riot that sees them burn down their own tent city…Germany scrambles to build them another one


HANOVER, GERMANY- A riot ensued yesterday morning when residents of a migrant ‘tent city’ with a population of 7,500 burned down their only shelters. The migrants, who are mostly young and able-bodied men from a number of Muslim countries in the Middle East, claimed they were insulted by the labels on water bottles with the logo of Red Cross, the organization that has distributed water to their camp. Having confused the symbol of the international humanitarian group with a religious symbol of Christianity, the protesting migrants ignited the tents that the nation of Germany has given them on the verge of winter.

The arriving firefighters braved stones, glass bottles, and other hard objects thrown at them by the angered migrants as they they attempted to put out the fires that threatened to make the attackers homeless.

Later that evening, as the German police searched the smoldering remains of the camp for possible casualties, they discovered dead bodies of 58 female refugees, as well as 900 other unidentified females, some as young as 9, all of whom were severely beaten and raped during the riot by the protesting young males who make up the majority of the migrant camp population there.

Red Cross officials were afraid to treat the victims’ wounds out of fear that this would re-spark the riot. Instead they left behind a stockpile of medical supplies where the migrants could find them.

Hundreds of concerned Red Cross workers and volunteers spent a sleepless night painstakingly scratching off red crosses and removing any other references to their organization from the packaging in an effort to get badly


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